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Hans Brinker or the Silver SkatesFor some people the Netherlands is difficult to find on the globe. The country is so small that the name has to be written in the sea. Many Americans are familiar with the story of Hans Brinker; or The Silver Skates. In The Netherlands people know the story of Hans Brinkers, who is supposed to have saved the country by putting his finger in a leak in the dike.
About 130 years ago Mary Elizabeth Mapes Dodge wrote the famous book Hans Brinker; or the Silver Skates.

In her book she writes about The Hero of Haarlem, a blond boy who put his fingers in the dyke to save the city of Haarlem.
Nobody knows if this is a true story, but if so, Hans Brinker(s) mother-tongue was Dutch. And with him now about 15 million people in the Netherlands, about 5 million in Belgium and an estimate of 1 million in the rest of the world speak Dutch.
By the way in Amsterdam there is the Hans Brinker Hotel. Visit their interesting
http://www.hans-brinker.com/ website.

For most people it will be difficult to learn Dutch. We will start with a few words and find out if you like the idea you can switch to
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To hear the words you can use the sound plug-in of your browser. For a PC you need an audiocard in your computer.

Lesson One = Les Een
Hello, I am Hans Brinker = Hallo,Ik ben Hans Brinker
Who are you? = Wie bent U?
Good morning = Goedemorgen
Good afternoon = Goedemiddag
Good evening = Goedenavond

See the Flashversion of Hallo, Ik ben Hans Brinker

The Dutch Alphabet

Count from 1 to 10

Several people have asked for specific words and sentences.
Here is more Dutch for...

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La pagina de internet Learn Dutch es mantenida por una sola persona como su hobby personal. Por motivos de exceso de trabajo, el formulario para pedir palabras en Holandes no funcionar por algún tiempo. Pero volver !!! (Rosa Ana Lozano, España)
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