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  Lesson 2 Groei Pijnen - Growing Pains  
Finally lesson 2 is made. It is not yet completed. There is no grammer, no vocabulary list, but there is a new way of online learning.
This new method is based on the feedback I got from the users of the website.
There are 72 pictures with Dutch text and audio files.
Start with the Cover and Who is in the Story.
Then study the 72 pages with pictures and Tell the Story, the Glossary and the Vocabulary.
Each picture starts with empty balloons, with with numbers. Click the numbers and you will hear the Dutch audio files. To see how the Dutch language looks like you can click on the Dutch arrow. After studying the Dutch you can see the English by clicking the English arrow.
If you have any comments, please leave a message in the Guestbook.
Enjoy yourself with this new way of learning Dutch online.

Chris Sonnemans
Learn Dutch